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Realms of Reality by Batty (Me)
She's tired of trying.
The truth is, she feels like she's dying.
Slower and slower...
Painfully slow as she becomes a numbed zombie-like shell of a girl she used to know.
It doesn't mater though, it never does.
She gets up and brushes herself off- moving forward.
Little does anyone know, she's struggling.
I know there's hope to go on in there somewhere.
But where?
When she's alone...
All she does is cry.
All she does is sleep.
But does she really?
Or is sleep a portal to another realm?
Whether it is or isn't, it's hell either way.
Not only is reality hell, but so are her constant nightmares.
When will she get a chance at peace? At a happiness that lasts more than a minute?
She does the motions-- day to day...
Each one determining which hell is going to be worse.
After a while, it gets harder to separate reality and sleep.
What is what?
How can she know?
What is going on?
She's still fighting to live with her demons peacefully...
But it's hard with them constantly trying to drag her bac
:iconxxtwistedmaniacxx:XxTwistedManiacXx 3 0
Moving on (By me.)
Down, down, down,
Spiraling down.
I love you,
I hate you,
I've fallen to the ground.
I can't get up, oh my!
I can't get out, oh no!
It's too dark...
Where are you?
Not here.
Where were you?
Not there.
Were you ever?
Not really.
Why? I'm too insignificant.
It's all rather silly.
It's just not worth this.
I teeter on the edge of the abyss...
Debating whether to fall over...
Instead of over, I stay.
Now it's my show,
And you're just a blip!
I am alone,
But I am strong.
And for that,
I'm moving on.
~My original work, not as good as it could be, but I'm trying to get back into writing anything. Originally writing on October 30th of 2015. By me, Alyse a.k.a Batty.~
:iconxxtwistedmaniacxx:XxTwistedManiacXx 1 0
Peaceful Spot by XxTwistedManiacXx Peaceful Spot :iconxxtwistedmaniacxx:XxTwistedManiacXx 1 0 My Bookworm Edit by XxTwistedManiacXx My Bookworm Edit :iconxxtwistedmaniacxx:XxTwistedManiacXx 0 0 YoutubeChannelArt by XxTwistedManiacXx YoutubeChannelArt :iconxxtwistedmaniacxx:XxTwistedManiacXx 0 0
Rain of Pain.
Rain, rain, go away,
Because of you the pain will stay.
Slit my throat, cut out my heart,
Leave me here, tear it apart.
Poison tears stream down my face,
My heart beats at a steady pace,
As I try to stand again;
Alone and standing in the rain.
I don't need you anymore...
Is what I think while tears pour.
I hate you like I hate my life;
But love is what cuts like a knife.
Love is death and death is you;
It's pain stains like a black tattoo.
Those memories come back again
And bind me in ropes of pain.
Crimson blood streams down my head,
Like a long silk ribbon, tied by a thread,
To a platinum bullet, a hole in my skull...
...Now just a memory that's faded and dull.
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  • Listening to: Pandora... Nirvana station.
  • Reading: Binge: Tyler Oakley-- Intrigued me so why not?
  • Watching: Nothing, The "flies" on the shit emoji.
  • Playing: Maybe Portal, Diablo or Silent Hill soon? Idunno.
  • Eating: Cashews...somewhat.
  • Drinking: Water.
Dear Nobody, *

So my mind is everywhere. I want to write but my mind is going in every which direction. It's like:

Let's write a short story. 

No, let's colour pretty colours. 

NO! I wanna read. 

No, I wanna eat cashews and listen to music. 

Basically until I end up here now, scatterbrained, numb, possibly on the verge of crying. If I went into why, it'd take as many years as I've been alive... or at least close to it. Which brings me to another topic... I'm going to be nine fucking teen in a matter of 12. Damned. Days. AND I STILL CAN'T FUCKING WALK. Fucking nonsense. I'm gonna go, no point in ranting, or rambling for that matter, to air. 

Thank you for listening air.

Peace, Love, Batty's out. 

*Because nobody ever reads any of my shit or looks at any pictures. Probably because I have endless writer's block and never think anything written or photographed or drawn is any good. 


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Ellu Dere.
~Name: Batty and my nicknames are-- Batty, Shá, Alyse, Batjuan, et cetera.
~Age: 19 years of hanging around this planet.
~Grade: In college.
~Brief summary: ASK ME, I don't bite. :D


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